Positive Happy Life

    Positive Happy Life

    with Serenity

    with Serenity

    Elevating Humanity
    by Helping Women Reshape Their Lives to Have More Love & Transform the World With Their Magnificence.


    I am passionate about helping you live a Positive Happy Life by reshaping your life to have more love and transform the world with your magnificence. The path forward for humanity experiencing the collective dream (reality) of prosperity and abundance for all, and peace on earth, is embodying the 7 steps of the C.L.A.R.I.T.Y. Blueprint.

    1. Congruent Awareness: awakening from the dream of the 3D matrix, and creating a new dream in alignment with your soul's mission and purpose. Knowing there is MORE to how you have been living, and showing up in the world.

    2. Living As If: now you have decided on your new empowering dream, live your life as if this is your reality.

    3. Activation & Authenticity: your Uniqueness is your perfection, and a GIFT to the world. Activate the hidden codes and secrets in your 98.8% junk DNA, and Be and Have ALL of YOU - your Complete Authentic Self, and feel deeply connected.

    4. Release: all that which has ceased to serve and support you in your new empowering dream. This includes divorcing parts of yourself, and turning down your bright inner light for fear of offending others, and to please others. You truly are Magnificent, and Perfect, just the way you are!

    5. Intention: You are here, at this time, as Radiant Change-Makers; transforming the world with heart-centred lives, and businesses. What next?

    6. Tribe (Community): accepting your big mission, and knowing it takes teamwork to make the dream work. Magnetize your heart-centred tribe of adoring followers.

    7. Yes: now is the time to create momentum by saying YES to the Universe.


    Patricia Baungartner - Switzerland

    Aska Siedlecka - Canada

    Serenit Rave-Wolf testimonial - Andrei Antoniu

    Andrei Antoniu - Romania

    Serenity helped me eliminate a lot of fears and confusion...

    If you ever experience fear, anxiety, stress or just feeling stuck and confused, I would recommend you to get in touch with this beautiful lady that can help. Serenity is full of love and compassion, and you can really feel how she is sending that love to you when she speaks to you. If you feel you need some help tomove you forward, just go to Serenity. She is like a psychologist but a spiritual one that really feels you. She helped me eliminate a lot of fears, and confusion. She's always there for you with full love and compassion. How wonderful it just feels to remove that blocked energy inside of you, and you can really tell her anything, she won't judge. Make the decision to reach her.

    Shauna S. - Brisbane, Australia

    I've Dropped 3kg without even thinking about it!

    Oh My God Serenity! I have just realised I am raising my child the way I was raised instead of the way I should have been raised! No wonder we have conflict all the time! Since seeing you I'm noticing all my wrong choices, and I have been "delete - delete" constantly, AND I've dropped 3kg (6lb) without even thinking about it! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your wisdom & resources with me. I am going through a MASSIVE change for the better. Awareness is like having cataracts removed, my vision is so clear! Love, love, love, and infinite gratitude to you. You are a GIFT to us all !!!

    Liberty Forrest - Calgary, Canada

    I'm still glowing & contemplating after the powerful session!

    Dearest Serenity, I am still glowing and contemplating after the powerful session you did for me yesterday, shifting energy as only you can do! WOW - It was amazing and so interesting - and you're right, my face looks different somehow!!! You are such a beautiful soul, and I'm truly blessed to know you, and am deeply grateful to have experienced your unique gifts yesterday. Many humble thanks, my lovely. Loads of love.

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