The POWER of CLARITY: Manifest like a Samurai

Have you ever wondered why, regardless of how much you want something in your life, it never seems to show up? Or it shows up sometimes though, not always? Have you tried numerous Law Of Attraction techniques from the gurus and wonder why it is so complicated, or that something seems to be missing? You're not alone.


Without CLARITY, our desires are nothing more than pieces of lint on the winds of the universe. It's like walking into a store to buy a gift for someone and regardless of how many questions the store clerk asks to guide you to the perfect gift; you have zero ideas what you desire; therefore, the store clerk is unable to help you, and you go from store to store, leaving empty-handed.


Clarity is the KEY to all your dreams and desires showing up, as if by Magick.


In this workbook I share with you my SIMPLE "Clarity Process" and walk you through step-by-step, including worksheets, so your desires stop being lint in the wind; instead, using The Clarity Process, you become the MAGNET and finally consciously attract all your wishes, and deep desires.

This Clarity Process Workbook is completely FREE and in it, you'll discover...

Why wanting something alone, and even taking action to have it is usually DEAD WRONG ...and what to do instead

When it's OK to PLAY THE MILLIONAIRE GAME, and how to have fun doing it to supercharge HAVING your DESIRES

The one thing you should NEVER do when trying to create your CLARITY LIST ...even if most people "are doing it"

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