Life, Love, And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

We are our own greatest abuser. No one in the universe can abuse you, like you. Nothing is more powerful than walking the path of Lead With Love.

Recently a friend on Facebook, let's call him Don, asked me to share more about my philosophy with life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

This article is my response to Don's questions on this topic. May the content expand your awareness to have more, be more...

D: We go through life, and we wonder about some of the same questions about life over and over again. I think as we get older, life teaches us wisdom to understand ourselves, others, and living life.

S: I disagree a little. Life only gives us the OPPORTUNITY to better understand our inner self. I know and have met many that resist and reject this blessed opportunity.

The simple answer - LOVE - deep Divine Love - starts with yourself. Love yourself as much as you desire to be loved.

Be the lover of yourself that you desire to have, be the divine parent presence you would have dreamed you had.

This is also what I call “Lead With Love”.

D: What daily actions of love can I implement to be a being of love?

S: The deep desire to be this loving presence for yourself - to stop abusing yourself. We are our own greatest abuser. No one in the universe can abuse you, like you.

Choose to BE love

in all you do and say.

It gets easier, and grows, as we persistently do it (practice makes the master), and it feels better, easier, and more comfortable – more and more expansive.

The funny thing is, I always thought I had to be someone else, or better, or more, or different, to create change and higher vibrations on this planet. Yet, my experience has been the exact opposite. Experience has shown me -

the more I became my Magnificent, Divinely Loving Self, the more change I created, and the more people were attracted to me.

Go figure! Change the world just by being myself - unheard of. (tee-hee).

The one thing that ALL we "human suits" have in common, is the desire to love and be loved. Why do we wait for someone else to do it? All starts from within. It truly is "an inside job."

It starts out feeling a bit uncomfortable, though with practice, it is easier and easier, and eventually before you know it, you stop caring what others think when you sincerely tell them "I love you" - because they feel your sincerity, your depth of love, and your absence of judgment. Imagine what would our world be like if we all lived our lives this way?

Nothing is more powerful than walking the path of Lead With Love.

This is the path Jesus walked. From this deeply loving space - MIRACLES happen. UNITY shows up.

D: What specific activities do you do to make the world a better place?

S: Being me. I do whatever it takes to BE Love in all I do. Everything that shows up in our life is purely the Divine giving us the opportunity to BE Love. The only filter I have to this is what I do must be safe for me, safe for others, and safe for the planet. Love is the only answer and the only solution.

Choosing to BE Love in all we do, be, and say, is it's own reward because it feels rather BLISSFUL!

D: Where do I start? How did you learn this wisdom? How long did it take? What experiences helped you learn?

I was always very good at unconsciously attracting to me, my burning desires. I made the choice in 2006, to learn to be a conscious creator. I started with the movie "The Secret," and within less than 6 months, I had my dream life well on the way, debt all gone and my soulmate love partner in my life.

I learned by watching movies, scouring the internet for information on the Law of Attraction, listening to audio and taking courses. I lived, ate, slept, breathed and dreamed self-development - backed by my burning desire to BE and HAVE ALL of me. I still do.

ALL experiences helped me learn. The best was changing my perception of everything. Each course I took, each book I read - I expanded - because I applied what I learned - with volition.

Each step was an addition to the last. I am always tweaking things to create the next best version of the greatest vision of myself.

Then I made the choice to walk the path of LOVE, regardless of what others thought. To BE LOVE.

The path was filled with learning curves, aha moments and epiphanies, such as:

  • The choice to be true to me, first and foremost.

  • To set firm boundaries.

  • Only I can help myself.

  • Giving up attachment to anyone ever healing or changing as a result of anything I said or did.

  • Honoring the choices others make in life – regardless of how interesting they may be (Interesting = out of vibrational alignment with my life choices).

  • Giving up judgment.

  • Living life in 10-second increments. (A lot can happen in 10 seconds).

  • Everything is just an interesting point of view.

  • Practicing self-love with volition. (This is Lead With Love).

  • ...just to name a few.

D: It sounds like you have achieved a high level of awareness! How do you maintain this, in a world that can be pure chaos?

S: I do experience "human suit" moments. Then someone reminds me to change my attitude and BAM... I am back on the blissful path. I truly am selfish. I do all that I do, be all that I am, because it feels blissful. I guess you could say I'm addicted to bliss. :-)

Apply what you learn,

it's very powerful.

It’s insane, the number of people that spend tens of thousands of dollars on courses etc., and never apply what they learn, yet they still moan about their lives remaining the same. What the? :-) When you apply what you learn: little by little, day by day, moment by moment, you get to where I am / are, and Jesus was / is.

D: It seems like a lot to learn! How do you do it?

S: It's a journey and like any journey, it takes time. How long? It depends on how much you learn, apply and practice. Remember, practice makes the master!

TIP: make sure you have fun along the way.

It wasn't always comfortable. The expansion is often a little uncomfortable, though so worth the persistence.

I learned to feel comfortable with often feeling uncomfortable, and celebrating the emerging me.

In the past, my target has been to focus on my spiritual life, etc. Then I realized, the most logical end result to live and feel ‘as if’ from, was for my target to be ASCENSION. I struggle to think what is past that, so this is the most logical end result I can think of. If I achieve ascension, all the rest will be taken care of along the way, including my spiritual life.

It does get easier as you put into practice what you learn, and live your life with the end target in mind. There is so much more I have learned along the way, enough to fill an entire book. I do hope this short explanation aids you to live your life in bliss.

What are your struggles, and or celebrations in Life, Love, And The Pursuit Of Happiness? Share your experiences in the comments below.

I love you! May you be blessed with infinite love, abundance, wellness, success, serenity, and joy!


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