Parallel Realities: The Secret To Changing Your Life Experiences

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Change your perception and thoughts; change your life and reality! Do you live in 'scarcity reality' or 'abundant reality'? If there's an infinite number of realities, why do some of us have the life we live?

I was recently asked a very simple, yet interesting question. The answer of which I’m sharing with you now.

“Q: What can I do to change my life? To be happier and stop all the horrid experiences that keep showing up time and time again? ~ Tracy”

The Secret To Changing

Your Life Experiences!

You create your own reality. Most of you take this as given. If you were asked, “Do you believe that you create your own reality?”, you would all answer a resounding “yes!” And yet how many of you still feel victimized by people on a daily basis? How many of you feel stuck in your work? How many of you feel stuck in your situations because of commitment or duty? How many of you are living in a way in which you feel completely unfulfilled, or that you are unhappy with?

If you believe that you create your own reality in a deep and abiding way you would never look at this world in a way that says, “I am powerless to change this, so I just have to put up with it.” When you truly KNOW that you create your own reality, you will see your life filled with endless possibilities of choice. You feel powerful, responsible and creative.

Though, when most of you experience your lives, you tend to think that what you are experiencing is an absolute reality. You believe that you would never choose to experience your life in this particular way. You may tell yourself on a mental level, “I know that I create my own reality,” though when something goes wrong, your emotions tell a different story. Instead of feeling empowered and responsible, you feel helpless and insecure. The language of the universe is feeling/emotion/vibration.

Most often when you experience something in life, you unthinkingly react to the experience, never believing that there is a choice at all. You believe that your reactions, comprised of thought and emotion, are justified because they are a response to reality as it is, rather than how you choose it to be. Deep down you think to yourself, “I'll believe it when I see it,” instead of knowing that when we believe it we WILL see it.

The most powerful form of magick is the feeling/vibration of “HAVING” it (what ever the “it” is for you) in the absence of it.

An Infinite Number

Of Potential Realities

There are available to you at any given time a number of choices as doorways to parallel realities. An infinite number of possible realities operate simultaneously at any given time. All available to you. Each possibility offers you a different response to any one event. It is like the classic question, “Is the glass half empty or is it half full?” Same situation, different version of reality. Imagine how it feels to see the glass half empty. Now change it and imagine what it is like to see the glass half full. Both perspectives are possible. Which one do you choose?

Which ever one you give your attention, energy and focus to is the reality that shows up. For example, try as hard as you can to not think of the glass half empty, now that I have suggested it. Attracting your reality is the same. It is about perception. Change your perception and what you give your attention, energy and focus to, and your life experiences change.

Reality #1 Example: Scarcity Reality

When you lose your job, for example, one possible reality - let us call this reality 'scarcity', may offer you the choice of going into absolute panic, wondering about how you are going to pay the bills and support yourself. You worry that you might not be able to get another job, and apply for everything under the sun, ultimately accepting something where the pay is very low and is quite uninspiring.

You are frightened by the prospect of not having material security so you accept the position even though you know it is not truly what you desire. You try to convince yourself that this is how it is, so you accept your position. You believe this for a short time. In a few months time you become bored, and the same situation comes up again. If you chose to remain in this 'scarcity reality', then you will create the same situation over and over again. To change this it is necessary to break out of this pattern of repetition, it is necessary to enter another reality. What could this reality be?

Reality #2 Example: Abundant Reality

Another possible reality - let us call this one 'abundance', offers you choice of a very different response to the job loss. You are excited. You know that your destiny must be creating something else for you; you take the opportunity to dream; imagine a positive new future and allow yourself to make different choices. You limit your work choices to those that inspire you, those that allow you to take on more creative responsibility. Within three months time you are offered an interesting change in your professional role. As you remain in 'abundant reality', when something becomes too limiting for you, you are never afraid to move on. You are anticipating an even more fulfilling situation, and onwards you go.

What I have given you are examples in the practical potentialities of entering into the different realities. Either one of these realities could be chosen at any given time. There are always a minimum of two different choices to the same situation though the possibilities are infinite. These choices reflect different personal truths of different views of reality. Your personal truths dictate what choices you believe are possible at any given time, and therefore, what parallel reality you allow yourselves to access.

Personal Truths

Now we will look at personal truths, that which you believe in, or that which you hold to be true reflects your personal truth. You were all raised with certain beliefs, which create the foundation for your personal truths. An example might be the belief that it is only evil and selfish people that become involved in a relationship with someone already in a relationship. Therefore part of your personal truth would be that you could not or should not enter into a relationship with someone already in a relationship, without condemning yourself. Look at the alternative reality of this situation - you are not evil; nor are you selfish. Consider this, that maybe there is a reason for what has or is occurring. Look at the parallel reality in this and all situations.

Many of our beliefs are so deeply imbued that we do not think of them as beliefs at all! In fact, the more self-awareness you develop, the more you will realise that you have many beliefs affecting you on a daily basis. It is also common for those starting to do belief work to find no belief system at all. However, I will guarantee you all that they are there, and with the right questions, you would be able to locate a large number of them.

Before you associate something with a belief, you will usually think of the issue as being beyond question, not considering that there is any other possible view on the matter. Such beliefs are just assumed to be an accurate reflection of the one absolute reality.

Such deeply ingrained beliefs often focus on money, love and relationships, work and creative expression. Think about how much time during the last week you have told yourself “that's not possible!” or “I cannot do that!” Anytime these words pass your lips, you are encountering your belief systems, and they are holding you back. Your personal truths, created from those beliefs, are a source of personal disempowerment.

Sometimes you will be aware of your personal truths. At other times you will simply have inherited them from your parents, family and friends without much thought. Obviously the more aware you are of your truth, the more you can choose to create what your personal truth will be, customising it to suit the unique beings that you all are, rather than simply accepting the truths of others as being suitable for you. Conscious work with beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, emotions and expectations allows you all to choose your own personal truth and to create, something that supports you in being the person you are, and in being where you desire to be.

Example #1

Your personal truth might be that there is only one Soul Mate out there for you, so you look for the relationship that will last for your entire life. Another belief might be, that once you are married and have children, you are not entitled to choose another relationship - one that makes you happy and feeds your soul - and therefore, not end a marriage that has ceased to sustain either you or your partner, in order to create a relationship that is truly more authentic.

Your personal truth might be to accept that which is your lot. Maybe you grew up in a family that was chaotic with an unhappy environment and you swore never to do that to your family. You have created a personal truth, whilst not necessarily being honest with yourself. So in doing this you stay with the one partner for your entire life; you have unconsciously seen this as the expression of the only real way to love. You believe that this is the way the world is, and cannot or will not accept that there are other ways open to you. Because if you are then you have to open your life to all the alternatives.

As you can see your personal truths often restrict you, close you off to all the wonderful possibilities and hinder your evolutionary growth.

Example #2

The person who believes in fulfilling work will create an experience where they enjoy what they do each day, and offer to themselves as a result, the wonderful gift of growth through personal joy, rather than only through struggle. Sometimes your personal truths offer you more rewarding existence and nourish you as spiritual and material beings.

Redefining Truths

Now I will talk about redefining truths and opening you up to alternative realities. Every millisecond in your life, you are choosing your reality. You vote with your emotions, beliefs and expectations, attitudes and behaviours, or in other words, your personal truth/s.

Remember that we can believe something to be true, though this does not mean that there is truth in that belief. Your personal truths are true for you, though that does not necessarily mean that there is any truth in them. This means that they are subject to change, rejection, questioning, testing and refinement before you accept them as your personal truth. It is recommended that you do this regularly. You will know when it is time to do this, because you are experiencing pain or obstacles to what you desire in your life over and over again. These obstacles are signs that some of your personal truths are not working to support your growth. Some signs can be a constantly aching heart or negativity around you, or a physically drained body. These signs are asking you to revise your personal truths.

So, in the example where you might believe that there is only one soul mate for you, but your partner has passed away, and you are offered another loving relationship, this belief can keep you stuck in grief and depression, rather than opening you up again to love, companionship and fulfilment. In this instance, the one soul mate truth is not necessarily your highest truth. It might well be, in considering another alternative, therein lies a different reality all together. You have the chance to create your own unique destiny, instead of simply following in the footsteps of others, who have walked their paths before you.

The Benefits

It is often when working through what was considered to be the unquestionable, that you open yourself up to the most profound and enlightening transformation. There is nothing in this world that is beyond question. In fact, living in and as the question is VERY powerful. Try to remember this and you will remove all limitations to your growth, happiness and fulfilment.

When we work with this concept consciously, we can become open to experiencing life as we choose to experience it, rather than just how we have always experienced it. We no longer believe that because something has felt a certain way in the past, or that you have lived your life in a certain way in the past or even certain experiences in the past that this is the way life always has to be.

The more you work at creating and living your own personal truth in a way that serves you, the more you are empowered and open to receive more love, joy and inspiration, the more choice you have, the more acceptance you have of what is to be, in being able to choose your own realities. Instead of just reacting to life, start creating that which you desire.

You are all powerful and creative “human suits”. Accept, receive and have the things that are given to you by the power of the Universe. These are precious gifts. When you turn aside because of personal truths, stand in judgement of those truths; Love whatever shows up! Everything is here to help you expand and evolve.

Have you ever had the experience whereby, changing your perception, changed your reality? If so, please share your experience in the comments below.

I love you! May you be blessed with infinite love, abundance, wellness, success, serenity, and joy!


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