The 3 Keys To HAVING True Love

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Why so some have a deeply loving soulmate relationship, and others don't? When you know HOW, It's easy.

Recently I was interviewed about a topic dear to my heart, Soulmates. It was such a fun experience that I had this compelling desire to share it with you.

Serenity's on a mission to ensure everyone who desires to find their soulmate can. Serenity knows from personal experience that with energy, time, intention and attention to your love life, it's highly probable your desired soulmate is already on his/her way to you, like a magnet.

Serenity has helped many men and women manifest the love of their life using a unique system based on the law of attraction and other timeless techniques. In this interview Serenity shares The Three Keys To HAVING True Love.

How would you describe a 'soulmate?'

Serenity: I believe a soul mate is someone we feel a deep, profound and infinite connection to and someone with whom we feel completely ourselves with. A soulmate is someone that we love unconditionally and they love us unconditionally. When we look into their eyes we experience the Expansive Oneness of the Universe, like we are 'home.'

Do you believe everyone has a soulmate and is there only one or, can we have more than one?

Serenity: Yes, I do and I believe that with a little focused energy, time and the know how, everyone can attract their soulmate.

While most people think of a soulmate in romantic terms, I also believe that there are numerous kinds of soulmate relationships. For example, not all soulmate love is romantic in nature. I also believe you can have pets that connect with us on such a deep level that they deserve to be called soulmates.

The fireworks happen when potential soulmates, of our preferred sexual orientation meet up. Sparks fly, fireworks go off, we feel the sizzle; metaphorically speaking. These are what I call 'potential soulmates.'

When our 'Love Vibration' is in alignment, with a 'potential soulmate'; BAM! The Love Of Our Life, just shows up.

Why do you think so many people struggle with finding their true love?

Serenity: One of the most common reasons is that most of us have had a few bad relationships, we then often shut down and give up. We no longer believe the right person is out there for us. We get caught in the trap of one part of us saying “YES, I desire a relationship,” and the other part is saying “NO! I'm afraid I'll get hurt again.”

A big part of manifesting Soulmate Love is preparing ourselves by releasing the old hurts and baggage from past relationships; that we all have. We are unaware that these things are the blocks that are keeping our soulmate away.

I have good news for you though.

There are simple techniques to release our “stuff” from the past and there is more than one potential soulmate for us. They are longing for us also. All we have to do is know the simple steps to attract 'Our Soulmate'.

I have combined ancient manifestation techniques with new processes and created a POWERFUL System to attract 'your soulmate' to you like a magnet.

This system has allowed me to enjoy 12 BLISSFUL years with my soulmate, Andy.

I have dedicated my life to facilitating others to HAVE their soulmate in their life; because Infinite Love like this is our birthright, not just for a selected few – but for everyone if you know the KEYS and apply them.

What is the Universal Law that can be used to find your soulmate?

Serenity: Simply put; 'The Law Of Attraction'. This is a universal law that is happening whether we know about it or not, either consciously or unconsciously. Most people are attracting unconsciously all the time and never knowing or understanding why all the things they dislike are showing up.

The reason being – whilst it may sound simple, is because they are out of alignment with their true desires. They either forget or never realise, that which they give their attention, energy and focus to is what creates their reality. Most of us have probably heard the saying; energy flows where the mind goes.

The POWER is in learning the simple techniques of The Law Of Attraction and to consciously have all our deepest dreams and desires show up, as if by magick. It is EASY when you know how.

I have a gift to simplify this Universal Law so that all can understand it and harness it's POWER.

What are the key steps to manifesting a soulmate?

Serenity: In it's most simplest form: Articulate – Attitude – Attract. I call this, “The 3 Keys To HAVING True Love”.

Is it true that when we raise our “Love Vibration” and align with the “Love Vibration” of our soulmate, that the universe conspires to move mountains to bring you both together?

Serenity: Absolutely. A short explanation of just how big the mountains the Universe has the potential to move, was when I met the love of my life and soulmate, Andy.

In short; Andy lived in Germany. When I met Andy, he had just recently left a 9 yr relationship. Suddenly, about the time I knowingly came into alignment with his “Love Vibration”, he made a series of choices where he left this relationship because it no longer fed his soul, and he got a new job with a USA large corporation to build the European side of a specialized services section of the corporation.

The first project the European sales people had for him was with a major airline in downtown Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; we all know how close that is to Europe. Right? :

We met 3 weeks before his 6 month project finished here in Australia. When we met, there was never any turning back because it all just felt so perfect, so right, and like we had known each other for eons.

If this isn't the Universe moving mountains, I'm not sure what is!

An interesting point to make here is, I almost missed my [this] window to meet him. This was because I fell into some of the traps we fall into on our journey to attract our soulmate. My deepest desire is for this to never happen to you, so that 'your soulmate' is in your life sooner, rather than later.

I can hear you wondering how I “knowingly” knew I had come into alignment with Andy's 'Love Vibration'. I know because, when you look at the timeline of events that brought us together, at about the exact time he started making the above series of choices, this is the same time that I became 'the love magnet' using a powerful process I created, called Quantum Projection.

You prescribe 'acting as if.' What does that mean?

Serenity: Feeling is the language of the Universe. This means that the Universe can't tell the difference between acting (pretending), and our actual current reality. All it feels and senses is our dominant vibration and it is this 'feeling language' that it translates.

Therefore, if we 'act as if', and this is our dominant vibration; because the Universe only knows how to say YES to what we give our attention, energy and focus to, we can guarantee that our 'perfect match' soulmate is on his or her way.

This is a very powerful piece to the puzzle.

What is 'Soul-full Love' and how do you know when you’ve got it?

Serenity: “Soul-full Love” are relationships where two people come together for their highest spiritual growth. Both partners are equals in all ways, including vibrationally.

All relationships are a stage for learning lessons, growth and soul evolution. A couple that commits to a 'Soul-full Love' consciously commits to learning, growing, changing and evolving as a couple, and also individually. Each knows that the other is a powerful mirror to see past patterns and is supportive in the healing process.

They have an inner knowing, that being together will heal the pain of the past and they move into a New Love for Self that spreads to everyone they encounter. As the partners support each other in a loving, non-judgmental way, safety and trust is the strong foundation of this 'Soul-full Love' relationship.

Experiencing a 'Soul-full Love' is worth working on because the results are passionate, powerful, positive, and joyful.

More than likely, like nothing we have ever experienced before. How cool is that?

Sounds like you have a POWERFUL recipe for LOVE.

Please share your soulmate experiences in the comments below. Reading your experiences of love is pure food for my soul.

I love you! May you be blessed with infinite love, abundance, wellness, success, serenity, and joy!


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