Trust & Surrender: The Path Of Courage

All life requires to give you everything you desire, is for you to become your boldest self. Trust and Surrender are the pathway to HAVING all your desires.

Most spiritual teachers tell you to just "let go!" What does that mean anyway? How do you "just let go?"

I'd love to share with you what “letting go” means to me.

In the beginning, there are things that are easy to let go of, and that works for awhile. You can let go of something and it feels pretty amazing. This is easy to do with a simple shift in perception, and the desire to release your attachment to it.

Though in the end, if we get down to the nuts and bolts of it, letting go has nothing to do with ‘you being in charge of letting go of something.'

You never let go of things, things let go of you!

You're more the hostage instead of the hijacker. You're the one who's let go of. Why does that person or thing let go of you? The cultivation of your courage, and surrender.

What does it mean to surrender?

Simple explanation; surrendering to the fact, that every single thing in your life is here to help you expand and evolve; become the next grandest vision, of the greatest version of you. Whether you like what's happening or not. That's what surrender is.

When we surrender, there's nothing, and no one to blame. It's very noble and graceful, to be able to say, "I don't like what's happening. I don't like the characters that are playing their perfect roles. I don't like the script they're reading from. I don't like the character I get to be. I don't like this one bit.

Though there's no one to blame because everything that shows up is here to help me. I'm going to take the noblest and graceful step into surrender, by just focussing on how everything that shows up is helping me. Even if I'm unaware how it's helping me in this ten seconds. The fact that I can accept it's beneficial to me, even if I don't have a clue how, with the absence of blame, allows everything to be for my greatest evolutionary benefit."

This the simplicity of surrender. Everything that shows up in your life is here to help you, and you don't have to like it.

How Does Courage Fit In?

I've had the pleasure of working with so many of you beautiful souls with relationships, that are really past their use by date, and you're really waiting for the other person to see the light before you think you can end things ‘consciously'?

Ending things consciously means, you tune in to what you desire. If it seems different from what you have right now, you make the decision to move on. If the other person doesn't agree with that, you have to be willing to take the journey that best supports you.

You know what your heart is calling you to do.

You know in your heart if it's best for you, it's best for everyone.

Even if that's far from what's true for them in this ten seconds. That's courage.

No one needs to see it's the best for all, only you do. This is the moment you start to TRUST yourself.

You never heal worthiness, through inner spiritual work. You heal worthiness by being courageous and trusting yourself.

There is a GIFT in everything that shows up in our lives. We may just be unable to see it in that ten seconds. It's there though.

When you live your life ‘as if' everything that shows up is here to help you, life is faced openly. You stop negotiating with life. Let's face it, life knows what you desire.

All life requires to give you everything you desire, is for you to become your boldest self.

To sum up what Surrender is:

Regardless of what happens, there's no one, and no thing to blame. This is zero excuse to stay in bad relationships or allow yourself to be taken advantage of, or allow yourself to be walked all over. No blame doesn't mean zero forward movement. You can move on from something without the need to blame anything. You can just say, "Oh, thank you very much." Moving on…

When embodying that everything which shows up is here to help you, you step into courage. By surrendering blame, and embracing the decisions, of your boldest truth, you know what is needed in your life. Needing other people to be on the same page before you can step forward is a thing of the past. As is needing other people's permission, to act out your deepest truths.

If you've had any insights, AHA moments, or inspiration from this article, I'd deeply appreciate it if you'd share this in the comments below. And please share this article on social media. Thank you!

I love you! May you be blessed with infinite love, abundance, wellness, success, serenity, and joy!


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