What My Dying Sister Taught Me About Choice Points

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

In the midst of grief, and fear of losing my sister, now in an induced coma, hanging onto life by a wispy thread as her body was losing the battle with cancer; I received an unexpected message from the ether that eased my soul with clarity of her choice to live, or die. This was a Game Changer.

questions + desire ÷ openness to receive the awareness of the truth = one powerful message received.

A few years ago I was saying a final good bye to my younger sister, as she lay in an induced coma, on full life support, for about a week. There was little hope for her recovery.

A cocktail of emotions began running through me: anger; confusion; grief; love; gratitude, just to name a few.

My deep desire to make sense of this situation was in the forefront of my mind. We never believe that something like this would ever happen to us. “These things” only happen to other people. Right?

She had been diagnosed with cancer only a few, short, months before. It was too soon to have to say good-bye.

Every time I asked G.O.D./Creator/Source if she would pull through I was always shown the vision of a person walking a tight rope. Sometimes tilting this way and sometimes tilting that way. The best sense I could make of that vision was that it could go either way; it had yet to be decided, and it was her choice.

During this numbing, week I attended an orthodontist appointment on the way to sit with my sister in ICU (intensive care unit). While waiting for my appointment, I had this strong urge to write something down yet had no idea what I was going to write.

I just so happened to have a pad and pen on me at the time (coincidence? Sure...!). I moved over to the coffee table in the centre of the room, sat crossed legged on the floor, and began to write.

Time seemingly stood still. The pen had a mind of its own. The paper became alive.

Thirty minutes later the assistant called my name, and I snapped back into the HERE of the NOW. My legs had fallen asleep and I stumbled into my appointment with a very different perspective of my sister’s choices.

This was a huge energy shift for me and in this short time, I learned many lessons – a defining moment. I share this message with you so you may experience your shift and experience a similar awareness. My lessons and awareness here may be different to yours; therefore, I leave the door open for yours to filter through.

Did I write this? Who knows. All I know is that time disappeared and what was left was this powerful message.

Choice Points

Choice points are the crossroads in your lives. These “crossroads” or “choice points” are designed into the roadmap of your life so that you can make choices as to which direction you take, which is the next road you will travel.

Some things, events, people entering your life, situations that happen etc., enter your life exactly on time. These moments were pre-decided before you entered the current incarnation you are experiencing.

Many discussions in the non-physical realm take place with your soul, the greater part of you, before you incarnate into this lifetime.

These discussions take place with spiritual counselors. They help you map out the destined points in the roadmap of your life, according to the lessons you have chosen to learn and the experiences you desire in your next incarnation.

These counselors are more in the role of guides. You, your soul, choose these situations, and the spiritual counselor guides will explain both the benefits and the ramifications of your choice/s. You always have free will in your choices.

The Board Meetings

These meetings or discussions are more like a board meeting with, for example, building the very first Disneyland being the subject of the meeting. This is the best metaphor I can give where, when you replace the word “soul” for “company” or “Disneyland” as an example of how these “crossroads” or “choice points” work in your lives.

These meetings have the vision of the future ideas and direction. (Think Disneyland: the theme park; Disneyland as a brand; the direction of EVERYTHING Disneyland spanning up to 100 or more years.)

Great vision is needed

during these meetings.

Some things can be pre-set in stone, for example, the logo; the company jingle; the company mascot; that Disneyland will or will not become a franchise; what the vision, mission and purpose of the company is, along with many other things.

There are also many variables that are met at these “crossroads” or “choice points” along the way. It is these points, that the choices made at that moment, shape the rest of the journey.

These are great opportunities to shape and mold the company in a negative spiral downward where the company goes bust and never experiences the original span or 100- year vision in the original board meetings. These moments can also create exponential positive growth and the opportunity to learn huge lessons for the growth and evolution of the company.

Sometimes the death of a person is predestined to take place no matter what. Sometimes it is the “choice points” that destine the manner in which this person is to exit that life.

And, sometimes when a soul is struggling with some of the pre-choices it made before entering that incarnation, a “choice point” will be created and a situation will be created to allow the “vehicle” or “human suit” to deeply rest. During this resting time, the soul returns to the non-physical realm to enter discussions with spiritual counselors and guides. This is exactly the same process as the pre-discussions before entering that incarnation.

Depending on the time-frame in your time and space, the decision needs to be reached, determines the nature of how the soul is given the freedom to leave the “human suit” for longer periods of time to enter into these discussions.

When there is a greater....

It was at this point of the download when I was called in for my orthodontist appointment. I snapped back into my being, my legs asleep from the way I was sitting. I was a little dazed for up to five minutes before I was fully present and in the moment again.

Have you ever experienced a ‘choice point’ in your life? Or suspect you may have? Please share this in the comments below.

I love you! May you be blessed with infinite love, abundance, wellness, success, serenity, and joy!


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